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LED Array Test Box

Welcome to my project pages.  This is where I document some of the MCU projects I have undertaken.The projects are mostly based on the Arduino (UNO, Nano, Pro and Mega2560) but there might be some with the ESP8266 as well.

I use the Arduino IDE for development, although I have installed and used PlatformIO.  I use Visual Studio or Visual Studio Code for libraries.  

Hardware is sourced from Wish, Banggood, Ali and EBay for cheap and cheerful, and Core Electronics for quality and support.A lot of hardware is recovered from dismantled equipment.

Schematics are created with Fritzing.

Cases are created using using Freecad and printed on a Creality Ender 3 using Cura.

A minimal Arduino running Blink: ATMega328, 16mHz crystal, one resistor, a reset switch and a LED to prove that it is running.  Note that the two 22pf capacitors usually required for the crystal oscillator are not included: it works better without them, perhaps because the plugboard has enough internal capacitance.

Arduino Breadboard