Windows Utilities

The following utilities are provided free for personal use.  The license agreement is included with the download.

BFR - Bulk File Renamer.   A utility to make it easy to rename batches of files, using one of several rules.
DeDuper - Duplicate File Finder / Delete.   A utility that can find duplicated files and offer you options for deleting one or more of the duplicates.
FileMatch - File Matcher - Match a list of files to the contents of a folder, and Move/Copy/Delete.

.Net Custom Controls

DegText  A .Net control that provides a text input and display box for Latitude and Longitude in the DD°' format.

VectorBall  A .Net graphical control for user input of a vector (eg, distance and angle).

ArcGauge  A .Net graphical control for displaying a value in a circular gauge.

StripGauge  A .Net graphical control for displaying a value on a rectangular gauge.

Any file downloaded from these pages must be carefully checked with your anti-virus software before you access the contents.

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