Sample of DegText Text boxes.
DegText - A Custom Control for .Net

Version: 2009/08

DegText is a custom control that can be used in .Net applications.   It provides a text input box that is pre-configured for input and display of latitude and longitude (although it can also be used as simple degrees and minutes without a latitude or longitude indicator).  All input validation and display formatting is managed within the control.  Options include number of decimal places in the minutes and whether it is latitude, longitude or neither.  

DegText is distributed as freeware for personal user. It can be included in a project that is distributed as freeware provided that a copyright reference is included with the distribution.  If it is used in a project that is distributed for payment (other than soliciting donations) then you are required to register with the copyright owner and remit USD25 to PayPal account

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Download NowDownload now.  The download is a zip archive of the DLL and the Help file in standard MS CHM format. Unzip the download file to any convenient location.  Copy the DLL to the project folder and add a reference to it. Add the control to the textbox. File size is about 200Kb.


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