VectorBall - A Custom Control for .Net

Version: 2009/08

VectorBall is a graphical control for .Net.  It consists of a circular region within which is a ball (or other marker) on a stick which is attached at the centre of the circle.  When the user grabs the ball with the mouse and moves it, the control updates values representing the distance of the marker from the centre and the angle of the marker with respect to the vertical.  These two values are then used as a vector (eg, angle and distance or angle and speed) as required by the application.  

The control Behaviour properties include settings to scale the distance value, to set maximum and minimum ranges for the distance, and to lock the distance and/or angle values.  The Appearance properties include the number and colour of radial lines and rings, the size and colour of the ball and the stick, the background colour or image, the border type, and whether a custom graphic is used to replace the default ball as the pointing device.

VectorBall is free for non-commercial use.  A small one-time licence fee is required if the control is used in a commercial program.

Feedback is appreciated.

Download NowThe download is a ZIP file that contains the VectorBall DLL, the help file in CHM format, the demonstration program, and the licence. Unzip the file into a suitable location. Copy the DLL to the project folder and reference it from the project to start using the control in your application.


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