ENC Viewer

A simple free ENC viewer for Windows 98/2000/XP/Vista.

The viewer can display one ENC at a time, selected from the catalogue  

UPDATED AUGUST 2009 (See Update Notes, below)

Using ENC Viewer

Double-click the ENCView.EXE file to start the program. Select Catalog and browse to the 031 file and open it.  The Select window will open (it can also be opened using the Select command button, provided a catalogue is open). Double-click the selected ENC.  (ENCs must be opened from the catalogue - the viewer will not load 001 files directly). Select Open to load and display the ENC.  If a XML or QuickLoad file has already been saved, then the corresponding Load commands can be used to display it. 

Choose a zoom level (use one of the pre-configured zoom levels, or use the increase/decrease buttons).  Drag the scroll bars buttons and then use refresh to display different portions of the ENC, or right-click and drag with the mouse (no refresh needed).  Refresh is also required when the window is resized.  Adjust the detail and the display brightness using the controls, and turn labels on and off. The Object List command displays a legend.  Note: Zoom levels above about 6 need lots of memory (like, 1Gb).

Left click with the mouse to open an information window for the clicked point.  Expand the items as required.  Click on the ID for an object to drill down to its source data, and click on source data items as appropriate to drill down further. Select Summary or Detail on the main control window to examine the source data (Warning - Detail source data display can take some time to prepare).  The displayed image can be saved to a file.

If you have used a previous version of ENC Viewer, you will notice the following differences in this version: